New Zealanders are trying to kill our babies, brains and bedridden.

Vision New Zealand has labelled the following three shameful bills, THE KILL BILLS:

1. Abortion Legislation Act 2020 – killing our babies
2. Cannabis Legislation and Control Bill – killing our brains
3. End of Life Choice Act 2019 – killing our bedridden and loved ones

No warm-blooded Kiwi should vote for any of the political parties who support these Kill Bills.

All of our current political parties in government have had a hand in allowing these Kill Bills to be introduced. All of these parties do not deserve your vote!

Abortion Policy

Vision New Zealand is Pro-Life! We believe that life begins from conception, not just from the first heartbeat. We believe in the sanctity of life. We believe it is our job to stand up and be a voice to the voiceless, to speak up for the most vulnerable.

Every baby deserves the right to life. Nobody has a right to decide which baby should live, and which baby should die.

Gender choice, disability terminations like downs syndrome and more should in no way ever be possible in New Zealand. Every child is beautiful, including those with a disability.

Abortions will now be even more common with at home abortions possible through abortion pills able to be couriered to your home, and while your child is forbidden to be given panadol at school without parental consent, they will be able to receive an abortion without parental notification.

A mother’s womb should be a safe place, not turned into a tomb.

The act of abortion should remain under the Crimes Act, as it is a criminal choice to take the life of another.

Our medical professionals, including midwives, should have the ability to conscientiously object to recommending or referring mothers for abortion services, without the fear of employment repercussions or legal action.

All of us, at one point were formed in the secret place of a mother’s womb. Nobody has a right to interfere or destroy that safe place. In the secret place of your voting booth this year, Vote Vision New Zealand….a voice for the voiceless…..a voice for the vulnerable.

Vision New Zealand will:

  • Repeal the entire ‘Abortion Legislation Act (2020)’, and we will make this Vision New Zealand’s non-negotiable deal-breaker in coalition negotiations
  • Vote against the ‘Contraception, Sterilisation, and Abortion (Safe Areas) Amendment Bill’ currently before parliament
  • Ensure free contraception is readily available to women of all ages
  • Set up a new ‘Mana Wahine Pregnancy & Adoption Agency’ that will provide support for women, every step of the way, through pregnancy, through childbirth, and through into child adoption placement with new Kiwi families, so that ladies are supported to not need an abortion.
  • Provide a $3,000 Push Gift to every woman upon giving birth to a baby. This is in recognition of the sacrifice and effort involved to grow a human for nine months and then giving birth. While the gorgeous baby is reward enough, if there’s anybody who deserves a little spoiling, it’s a woman who’s just given birth to a child.

Cannabis Policy

It makes no sense that as a country we have a goal to be smokefree by 2025, yet we’re attempting to pass a new law to smoke cannabis. This is not medicinal cannabis, but we’re talking about recreational cannabis in this coming referendum. This is also not like the pot smoked by those of the Flower Power era, it’s way more potent these days. The Drug Foundation that is making the big push for legalising cannabis are upfront about their ultimate agenda – they want to see all drugs decriminalised, and everyone knows that cannabis is an entry-level drug to many other harder drugs such as cocaine, heroin and P.

Countless research proves the negatives effects of cannabis, it is addictive and harmful and causes psychosis, damage to the brain, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, depression, as well as an increased risk of respiratory, lung cancer, high blood pressure issues and more frequent hospitalisation.

New Zealand is already losing the battle in improving mental illness, so why would we compound this problem even further by legalising cannabis. Even New Zealand researchers have found that people who start smoking cannabis daily before the age of 17 are seven times more likely to commit suicide. Cannabis use during pregnancy is yet another way that we are also harming and killing off the unborn with an increase in stillborns, and babies brain development being negatively affected.

There is also a lot of research that proves cannabis increases domestic violence, sexual abuse and child abuse. Cannabis promotes violent behaviour. Yet again, New Zealand is already failing miserably in these areas, so why would we exacerbate the issue even further.

On one hand, we have the NZ Police advertising against driving while under the influence of drugs, then, on the other hand, the government is trying to pass laws that will amplify the problem if legalised. Currently, New Zealand is experiencing significantly more fatal crashes as a result of drugs, than compared to drunk drivers. Also, consider the unsafe workplaces that will occur as a result of people under the influence of cannabis. There are countless professions we would want to know they haven’t been smoking drugs when our lives are in their hands....pilots, bus drivers, doctors and more.

Any form of addiction, also takes a massive social toll, increasing criminal offence rates, poverty, homelessness and more as people make the wrong daily decisions due to the drive of their addiction.

Vision New Zealand is very clearly opposed to the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill.

Vision New Zealand will:

  • Promote voting NO in the referendum to support the proposed Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill
  • After the referendum, not support any bill before Parliament to change the law relating to cannabis

Euthanasia Policy

The End of Life Choice Act 2019 has so many blatant flaws and never should have come close to a binding referendum. Yet, here we are, about to vote on this referendum at this year’s election. Do New Zealanders fully realise they hold the decision of life or death in their hands this September? Our only hope is that the New Zealand public can see this law for what it is...it is killing off those who are bedridden and vulnerable, mostly our beloved elderly.

What many may not realise is we already have a choice. We can choose to not accept medical treatment with ‘do not resuscitate’ orders and the like. This is not euthanasia. There is a big difference. Euthanasia is not politely turning off someone’s life support. Euthanasia is actually injecting a deadly dose of drugs into someone or accepting pills to swallow later. Euthanasia is murder.

At a time in their lives, when our more mature members of society should be putting their feet up, taking pride in what they’ve done to build this country and enjoying retirement, they are now going to have to keep looking over their shoulders, trying to keep their wits about them, to ensure those around them don’t try to end their life prematurely. When New Zealand already has an issue with elder abuse, why would we add to the offender’s arsenal, by now providing ‘assisted’ suicide as an option to further traumatise and ultimately punish their victims?

This law provides no reliable safeguard measures to ensure that someone is not pressured into euthanasia or assisted suicide. This is no independent witness required at any point of the process, so what is to stop people from knocking off the elderly for personal gain. There is no protection against secret euthanasia, where family do not even have to be consulted. There are also no measures in place to ensure there is mental competency in individuals making the end of life choice.

So many lawyers and doctors are calling this ‘bad law’, yet still, our current politicians voted this through, because they seem to think they know better than the professionals.

Vision New Zealand will:

  • Support additional funding for palliative care in New Zealand

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