There is a better New Zealand that you deserve!
You deserve more, you deserve better!

The future of this beautiful country, called Aotearoa, belongs to everyday hard-working Kiwis, who love their families, who love their freedoms.

Our country and Kiwi Way of Life is unique and special to us all. Therefore it’s our duty to protect and preserve who we are as proud Kiwis so that our children and grandchildren can live in a safe, prosperous and peaceful New Zealand.

This is why we believe Kiwis First! It’s time for every person in this country to have the life they’ve long dreamed of. Great nations are built on the strength of healthy families, that’s why people are more important than politics. The People’s Voice is more important than the voice of self-serving politicians.

So too also is the right of owning a home, so you can live in asset and not deficit.

Free to be your Kiwi potential, with fewer controls and bureaucratic restrictions, keeping Government off our backs and out of our pockets.

We all deserve a better New Zealand than the one this Government has been giving us.
• Kiwi’s First, not Kiwi’s Last
• Kiwi Land in Kiwi Hands (No more Foreign Ownership)
• Citizens Vote Residents Don't (Your Vote Matters Most)
• Patriotism is not Racism (proud to be a Kiwi)

This paradise is our home, two peoples who have a shared history and now a shared future. We are blessed with a unique culture and way of life.

Let’s build together a great nation, a wealthy nation, that all Kiwis can enjoy.

A nation with more opportunities, more houses, more jobs, more business, more freedom…and, of course, more happiness for everyone.

Policy Highlights

  • Kiwis….You Deserve More and You Deserve Better!
  • Kiwis will once again be First, no longer playing the runner up to immigrants or refugees brought in to this country by flawed immigration laws & government
  • Kiwis will once again have a strong sense of national pride and identity. If you know who you are then you know who you are not
  • Kiwis will have confidence that they will pass a healthy country on to the next generation
  • Kiwis will know they are protecting and preserving the Kiwi way of Life
  • Kiwi Land will once again be in Kiwi Hands
  • Citizens vote, residents don’t
  • Kiwi Resources in Kiwi Hands
  • Kiwis will retain their personal freedoms and rights

1. Kiwis First: Let's talk immigration

The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research believes we'd be better off with 15 million of us living in New Zealand. They want to create an overcrowded, third-world country and base our economic and population increase on immigrants and refugees.

If you think this is a whimsical notion, the number of Visas issued by Immigration New Zealand under various categories over the past three years has increased about 54.6%. Immigration New Zealand received a record number of 1 million visa application in the last financial year - that’s comparable to the population of the South Island.

We value our country and our Kiwi ways. We want to retain those things that make us true Kiwis. We don’t want to sell out our culture, values and beliefs to any other countries and cultures. We want to protect our clean, green, image, our No. 8 wire can-do ingenuity, our generous pride, all wrapped up in our good old Kiwi friendliness and hospitality. In our more diverse cities, this type of Kiwi is sadly being eroded away. We want people to be able to visit a beautiful Pacific Paradise and not turn this into another foreign country.

We are now seeing Kiwis homeless, and living on the streets or in cars. Waiting lists for state homes are at record highs. Wait times in our health system are painful, child poverty has severely increased, marginalism and racism towards Māori are reflected in their disproportionate misrepresentation in all negative statistics. So if we are having such a hard time catering for our own, why are we as a nation so intent on welcoming more and more immigrants and refugees into this beautiful country? Are we saying that Kiwis no longer matter, they should not be put first? We welcome all people to enjoy our beautiful country and its many plentiful resources and climate, but we must responsibly measure our borders and first look after our own, ensuring our infrastructure can cope.

We must also be aware of global trends. Kiwi Culture Extinction is a reality through unmeasured multi-cultralism. Trends already in Europe show parallel cultures and religion in host countries destroy the host’s culture, identity and Indigenous Peoples.

The government needs to get our New Zealand identity back. In the previous 2017 election multiple political parties promised to reduce net migration numbers to figures ranging within 10,000 – 30,000. However, they have failed to deliver and net migration numbers have increased under this present coalition government.

Vision New Zealand's Solutions:

  • An immediate reset of New Zealand’s immigration policy
  • Enforce a zero net migration target immediately for a period of 24 months, to be reviewed and adjusted based on the state of our housing shortage, health, infrastructure and social welfare systems, with the exception due to only genuine skilled labour shortages
  • Reduce our refugee quota immediately
  • Restrictions on immigrants taking jobs that Kiwis could fill. We will review the eligibility test for immigrants
  • Only New Zealand citizens can receive superannuation
  • Retain our sovereignty as a country, not subject to the United Nation’s controls
  • We will introduce new robust integration processes for all immigrants and refugees
  • We will ensure that a referendum is held in 2023 to allow New Zealanders to decide what type of New Zealand they see in the future and the ebb and flow of immigration

2. Citizens Vote, Residents Don't

We promote Citizenship. Only five countries in the world have provisions allowing non-citizens to vote, Malawi, Chile, Equador, Uruguay and NZ. Of these countries, only New Zealand has the requirement of being a resident for just 1 year. The other four countries require much longer. We have the most liberal regime in the world, this is cheapening our beautiful country and our citizenship.

In New Zealand there are so few differences between the rights of permanent residents and citizens, this cheapens our vote and makes citizens no better than residents. This creates no incentive for residents to become citizens, therefore depreciating our rich culture and Kiwi way of life. New Zealand is our home, not just a place to reside in, to love not use. Social cohesion and patriotism are weakened when we allow and promote parallel social and religious structures within our society.

It is a privilege, not a right, to live in this paradise called New Zealand. It is something to be celebrated and appreciated. We want to rebuild a sense of national pride and identity, proudly and uniquely Kiwi. Two peoples (Iwi & Kiwi) sharing a history together, having birthed this great nation, and together forging a shared future we can all be proud of for future generations. Therefore it's crucial to a nation’s future to try and define as clearly as possible, its national identity. Do we truly understand who is a Kiwi? Who can be a Kiwi, and who can’t be a Kiwi? Vision NZ is attempting to answer that question.

Let’s start with who is a Citizen? We believe a Citizen is the following:
- IWI is tāngata whenua (Māori – the indigenous peoples of New Zealand), or
- KIWI is any non-Māori, who is born in New Zealand, or who is loyal to New Zealand and loves this country and takes an oath of allegiance for citizenship (they do not have allegiances to any other country)

A citizen puts New Zealand first…..Iwi & Kiwi. A person can love New Zealand and enjoy living here but if they say that they give allegiance to, another country in that case, they should remain a non-citizen.

Never before has it been more essential to define our national identity and protect this beautiful country, enabling us to have a strong sense of who we are and what it is to be a true Kiwi. As Kiwis, we need to do a better job of imparting our sense of national pride and identity into immigrants and refugees who move into New Zealand. We want to avoid there ever being an opportunity for parallel social or religious structures or states to form what it means to be a Kiwi in this country. We do not want to see another nation form within this great nation. Vision New Zealand wants to protect our Kiwi way of life.

Residents in New Zealand, should not be entitled to:
- A right to vote
- Free access to public services (health, education, social services, pensions etc)
- No state employment at a management level in any government department

Vision New Zealand's Solutions:

  • It will be compulsory for all New Zealand Citizens to vote
  • Only New Zealand Citizens can vote in central and local elections
  • Residents are excluded from having any future voting rights
  • Any future Prime Minister, Minister, or Chair of a Select Committee must have been born and bred in New Zealand
  • We will introduce a new robust Kiwi Citizenship Course and Exam that must be passed by all applicants before they are granted Kiwi Citizenship. This course will feature an ongoing commitment to upholding the Treaty of Waitangi
  • We will ensure there are clear incentives to being a citizen, rather than just a resident
  • To become a New Zealand citizen you must pledge allegiance to our flag, our faith and our freedoms
  • We will ratify our national identity as bi-cultural (Iwi & Kiwi), founded on the Treaty of Waitangi. We will clearly state that we are a bi-cultural country first, not multi-cultural

3. Kiwi land in Kiwi Hands

The insane land rush has been well underway through successive governments who have opened a wide door for foreign companies to buy large tracts of New Zealand land without too much question, or investigation of owners. Six of the ten largest landowners in New Zealand are foreign owners, with some deceptively using Māori company names as a disguise.

It is not right that we are selling hundreds of thousands of hectares of prime New Zealand land to foreign investors. Yet strangely enough many town planners and developers are saying the land is in short supply, while thousands of everyday Kiwi couples cannot find or afford a small piece of land to put their family home on. Most of society’s family brokenness comes down to not having a healthy home. How can you build a healthy and strong family home, if you do not have a house? How can you build a home when you have no land?

Māori have been most significantly disempowered when it comes to land ownership. Māori have gone from historically owning 100% of Kiwi land, to now only owning 6.7% of Kiwi land. If anybody should be highly offended by this, it’s Māori, in their Treaty settlements they were denied significant land returns.

Too much of our prime New Zealand farmland is being sold off to overseas forestry companies, all in the name of reducing carbon emissions. It should not be forestry over farms.

Over the past decade, we have also seen a significant increase in homelessness. There are approximately 40,000 homeless people living in our Kiwi communities. Countless Kiwis have been reduced to living in their cars, with families in tow, as housing is unavailable. There are approximately 14,000 people on the current state housing waiting list.

Our social services system is paying approximately $164 million per annum* for emergency housing in motels because again, there is a lack of homes.

Doesn’t it, therefore, make sense to push stop on Kiwi land sales to foreign investors, and look at innovative and visionary ways we can get Kiwi land back in Kiwi hands. Let’s get more Kiwis into homes, owners not renters, and off the streets, out of their cars, and out of motels.

Vision New Zealand's solutions:

  • We stop and block all future land sales to foreign investors (including companies and trusts with overseas directors, shareholders or trustees). In part, this will be assisted by extending the Overseas Investment Amendment Act 2018 to include all land, not just residential land, with no exceptions
  • The New Zealand Government, when possible, buys back all Kiwi land currently owned by foreign investors (including companies and trusts with overseas directors, shareholders or trustees)
  • Moving forward, foreign investors can only lease Kiwi land, they cannot own it. The maximum term of any lease is to be 50 years, including all rights of renewal
  • We stop the great forestry land sell-off that converts prime farmland into forestry, that has been taking place under successive governments
  • We will half the current coalition government’s goal of 1 billion trees planted by 2028
  • The Overseas Investment Amendment Act 2018 is adjusted, so that an ‘overseas person’ is defined as anyone who is not a New Zealand Citizen (removing the current ability for an ‘ordinarily resident’, ‘Australian’ or ‘Singaporean’ citizen to purchase New Zealand land)
  • The Overseas Investment Office will be overhauled
  • To avoid any loopholes, in order to purchase any future New Zealand land, you must provide a copy of your New Zealand passport or New Zealand birth certificate (including company directors & shareholders, or trustees)

We stand with the backbone of our economy - NZ Farmers!

We recognise the backbone of our country’s economy, has been, and still is High Country, Dairy, Meat & Wool, Goats and Arable farmers.

Vision NZ supports our great farmers, the hard work and the long hours you put into your industry will be recognised and rewarded. As a party, we will support farmers to happily make a great living, responsible environmentalists, and continuing to reduce pollution. We will not allow our New Zealand farmers to feel distanced or victimised, or any way burdened with demands from unreasonable governments that would make farming life miserable. We stand with you!

4. The Big Sell-off of our Water

The government need to stop the granting of consents for foreign water bottling companies, and all current consents must be reviewed. Millions and millions of litres of our New Zealand water are being sold offshore, plundering our country of its freshwater supplies.

It is wrong that water is bottled by corporates facing no extraction fees and is exported at a considerable profit to overseas consumers, yet our New Zealand consumers are paying more for water than these corporates. Why is New Zealand giving away our freshwater resources for free?

Our government have not only supported, but actually pursued these overseas water bottling companies, who are depleting our water resources.

Our increasing population is putting our water resources under pressure. Climate change is also having an impact with some of parts of New Zealand receiving 20% less rain.

Almost three in every four people (75%) in New Zealand, are concerned about the poor water quality of our waterways, and so are we.

In New Zealand, we have approximately 425,000 km of rivers and streams and about 4,000 lakes, with over 200 underground aquifers. Our annual water flow is approximately 145 million litres per person. Our reliable source of water is a great economic advantage in New Zealand, but the quality and availability of our water is deteriorating.

Māori’s rights over freshwater need to be resolved asap. The government maintain that no one owns the water, yet Māori have never relinquished their rights to New Zealand’s freshwater. In many cases, local iwi have no water rights to their own local springs, yet councils have allowed commercial groups to access thousands of cubic metres daily.

Vision New Zealand believes there are also potential ways to reduce the demand on our freshwater resources.

New Zealand as a country, is surrounded by a collosol amount of seawater. For the purposes of irrigation and agriculture, we believe that water desalination should be investigated to explore its viability in the long run and reduce the pressures on our existing water supply. Through desalination efforts, countries like Israel have been able to reduce their vulnerability to droughts and water shortages.

Greywater is the wastewater generated in households or office buildings, excluding wastewater from toilets. We believe that greywater could be better used for toilet flushing or irrigation.

Vision New Zealand's solutions:

  • Stop any more water bottling consents being granted to foreign companies
  • Buyback all foreign-owned water entitlements from existing users
  • A review of The Resource Management Act 1991 as it relates to the governance of water (and other natural resources), and the permits being issued for water usage
  • Undertake studies into the viability of water desalination
  • Undertake studies to make better use in cities and towns of greywater
  • We will ensure more is invested to clean up our waterways
  • We would support the establishment of a Waterways Commission, ideally managed by Māori

5. Our Personal Freedoms Under Threat

Freedom of Speech, once the bedrock of democracy, no longer exists in many western nations. Our freedom of speech is also under threat in New Zealand with the proposed Hate Speech laws. Good people now self-censor because they can no longer speak freely about how they think or how they feel for fear of back-lash.

This then becomes the mechanism of control and fear!
There is a pervasive influence over our country where if you speak your mind, or what you think, you are immediately criticized, bullied or shut down.

We cannot not allow the state to criminalise people for freedom of speech!
It is part of the Liberal Left’s agenda in this country to silence and oppose anything or anyone that has an opinion contrary to their socialist, globalist, liberal plan of reshaping our society.

Here is our new reality:
• If you have an opposing opinion or view on immigration, you are silenced and called racist or xenophobic
• If you have an opposing opinion or view to the Islamic faith, you are silenced and called Islamophobic
• If you have an opposing opinion or view to those of the LGBTQIA community, you are silenced and called Homophobic
• If you have an opposing opinion or view to refugees, you are silenced and labelled as being compassionate and uncaring
• If you disagree with someone’s opinion or view, you are labelled a hater. This silences many people from speaking their minds
• The Liberal Left use the media to shut you down, distort your opinions and views, through their one-sided Liberal reporting

Vision New Zealand believes that accusations of Hate Speech, when wielded, have often been used to intimidate, and remove the freedom of open discussion and debate of ideas and issues.

Many Liberals consider opinions that oppose theirs as ‘hate speech’. They invented Hate Speech to protect their own hateful and personal opinions.

We believe that disagreeing with someone is not hating someone.

Freedom of Speech = Freedom of Expression!
Freedom of Speech is essential to democracy. To be a true democracy, citizens must be free to discuss any idea, no matter how objectionable it may be.

A man or woman’s rights to individual freedom include
- The freedom of speech and expression
- The freedom to own your own home and property
- The freedom to be the master of your own destiny
- The freedom to live safe, happy and healthy
- Economic freedom – to be masters of our own earnings

Many constitutions, countries around the world, have been built on the theory of John Locke, one of the most influential political philosophers of the modern period, that everyone should be entitled to:
1. Right to Life – everyone is entitled to live
2. Right to Liberty – everyone is entitled to do anything they want to so long as it doesn’t conflict with the first right
3. Right to Land (Property) – everyone is entitled to own all they create or gain through gift or trade so long as it doesn’t conflict with the first two rights

While Vision New Zealand does not believe we need Hate Speech laws, we do believe that there needs to be data collection of Hate Crimes in New Zealand and a register that holds and reports on this data. New Zealand is one of the few western countries that does not comprehensively collect hate crime data. Incidentally and contrary to public understanding, in many countries, the majority of hate crimes recorded are actually inflicted on Jewish and Christian religious communities.

Vision New Zealand's solutions:

  • Repeal or block any proposed Hate Speech law reforms
  • Regulate the New Zealand media: The Broadcasting Act 1989 to be reviewed and tightened so that media must be more balanced between liberal and conservative viewpoints, in an attempt to restore public faith back into New Zealand media
  • Hate Crime Register: create a comprehensive central system to collate Hate Crimes data in New Zealand

Looking ahead to a better tomorrow

New Zealand at its pristine best, nestled in the beautiful South Pacific, where our borders are safely surrounded by water, lends itself to its original uniqueness and isolation, a perfect environment to express its culture, its beauty, its climate and its people.

This has helped to greatly influence Vision New Zealand’s ‘Let Take New Zealand Back’ policy…..the fact that New Zealand in its natural beauty lends itself to retaining (as close as we can) our unique identity. Nature has strategically placed us as a nation, so we are naturally surrounded, protected and guarded like any paradise.

In order to protect New Zealand’s pristine beauty as a small island nation, we should never be overpopulated. It should always have a unique culture, people and way of life. The quality in its uniqueness is the two people who formed this nation at Waitangi, means it should be protected. Our country was never meant to be overpopulated by immigrants or refugees. Don’t stress the land. Don’t change the nature of the environment. We don’t want to overpopulate, contaminate or soil its unique beauty, retaining our unique identity as Iwi & Kiwi who first settled our environmentally clean green country.

It is our responsibility as Kaitiaki (guardians) to become more aware and responsible to the uniqueness of New Zealand’s identity and our Kiwi way of life. What kind of New Zealand do you see in 5, 10 or 15 years time for your children and grandchildren to live in?

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