Hikitia Tuoro



Vision New Zealand recognises that Māori are tangata whenua and as the people of this land, we have a duty to uphold the mana of Māori as a whole. It is our belief that when Māori do well, our nation does well. When Māori are healthy, our nation is healthy. When Māori prosper, our nation prospers.

Therefore, Vision New Zealand recognises the current state of our nation, a nation in crisis. A nation in need of healing, to return to the place where New Zealand was once the thriving heart of the pacific. It is our belief that as we heal Māori, we will begin to heal our nation.

Within the Kaupapa Māori Policy, Vision New Zealand is dedicated to five areas of focus in order to accomplish Māori wellbeing:

• Te Tiriti o Waitangi – The Treaty of Waitangi

• Te Reo Māori – Māori Language

• Whakamana Whānau - Family Empowerment

• Te Whenua – The Land

• Te Wai – The Water

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New Zealand politics needs an overhaul, and you, the voter, deserve better representation. Vision New Zealand is about New Politics, a party and candidates ready to take a fresh approach to represent you at the decision-making table in Wellington. We are New Politics; ‘of the people, for the people and by the people’. So join Vision New Zealand and become an agent of change with us. Let’s get common sense back into politics.

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