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Vision New Zealand is pleased to announce Mrs Jade Tait as the party’s candidate for Hamilton West by-election on, December 10th.

Vision New Zealand is pleased to announce Mrs Jade Tait as the party’s candidate for
Hamilton West by-election on, December 10th.

“As I said at the Freedoms NZ umbrella launch on Monday October 31st, Vision New Zealand
would definitely be standing a candidate in this by-election and we are proud to announce
Jade who is a quality candidate selected on merit”, said Hannah Tamaki, Leader of Vision
New Zealand.

Jade was born in Hamilton, she is a wife and mother. Jade herself says “I am one of seven
children and my family grew up living from paycheque to paycheque, so I understand the
struggle many families face. I have also faced personal challenges that have given me a
passion for social justice, youth development and politics”. Jade has been involved and
studying in the social sector for the last ten years.

“As Hamilton is a University City Jade can be an excellent representative for Hamilton’s young
population, but she is wise for her years and that makes her a good all-rounder.,” said
Hannah. “The Young Vision arm of our party will be getting in behind Jade” said Hannah
Tamaki, Leader of Vision New Zealand.

Triggered by an unfortunate internal party dispute within Labour, Vision New Zealand
believes this By-election has the potential to send a clear message to the current Government
about their over-reaching leadership and chaotic performance.

“We are hoping that MMP will be given a chance to break the two-party merry-go-round
when voters choose the common sense, centre right politics Vision NZ has to offer,” said
Hannah Tamaki.

With 77% of Hamilton households servicing a mortgage, this By-election would also be an
opportunity for the Hamilton West voter to send Grant Robinson a message on behalf of all
New Zealander’s about his manhandling of the economy, the dramatic rise in the cost of
living, and the enormous national debt our children’s children will have to service.

“I believe New Zealander’s are angry and feel unheard and that’s one of the major differences
Vision NZ brings to politics”, said Hannah “We are about empowering people and their voice
not the politicians”.

Vision New Zealand’s candidate Jade Tait will be launched this Friday, November 11th,
Western Community Centre, 46 Hyde Avenue, Nawton, Hamilton.

Vision New Zealand is the party for all hard-working Kiwis. We are New Politics, a party that
will be a genuine representative for the people of Hamilton West.

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