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Josie Pagani, a former political media advisor and commentator, aptly compares today's politicians to the doublespeak depicted in George Orwell's "1984." She distinguishes between two types of politicians: those of diplomacy and those of true conviction. Diplomatic politicians tend to deflect questions and steer the conversation to their preferred topics, while politicians of conviction genuinely answer questions, passionately debate, and strive to persuade. Unfortunately, the data shows that both Labour and National parties are led by politicians of diplomacy rather than conviction.

It is no secret that politicians often evade direct questions by resorting to their rehearsed talking points, bringing the discussion back to their comfort zone. Former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, known for her communication studies background, frequently inserted the phrase "as I say" in interviews. Similarly, Chris Hipkins uses "As I've indicated" and Chris Luxon says, "The reality is." We've all heard these phrases repeated endlessly. It is a tried and tested technique employed by politicians to redirect the conversation to familiar ground. Regrettably, few interviewers or journalists possess the skills to challenge these deflections, as they too lack genuine convictions.

Attending a Freedoms New Zealand roadshow meeting, especially when I speak, you will hear us being authentic and true to ourselves. I am simply being myself.

On the other hand, if you attend a meeting of Labour, National, Act, or any other party where "professional" politicians are present, you will hear carefully crafted rhetoric, evasive non-answers, and block and bridge tactics. While these techniques may help them avoid uncomfortable questions, they ultimately lead to a profound lack of trust. There is now a swift and significant shift towards raw honesty. People want to see the true nature of individuals, including myself as a woman and a party leader. What you see is what you get. In contrast to the usual BS from "professional" politicians, we offer authenticity and transparency.

The old-style politics failed to provide a genuine vision. People hoped for change, but it disappointed them every year. I not only recognise what needs to be done, but I also understand why it must be done. Our party name is no accident.


That is precisely why we cannot allow any of these three parties to have complete control after this election. It is crucial for the safety and freedoms of our nation. This is what Labour, National, Act, and the Greens would enable. Do you truly desire this outcome?

Why should you consider voting for me, Hannah Tamaki? It's true that many people may not be familiar with my background, which is why we need your support to showcase why I am the ideal candidate to bring about effective change in New Zealand. Our approach is rooted in a fresh perspective of "NEW politics," distinct from traditional party politics. Unlike career politicians, I bring real-life experiences in helping individuals, particularly those who are disadvantaged and marginalised in our country. In the previous election, my focus was on supporting the removal of a Labour candidate, and we achieved success in that endeavour. This time, we aim to achieve a similar outcome in the constituency where I am running. I will share more about myself in upcoming newsletters, allowing you to get to know me better. Firstly, I am a proud mother of three children, grandmother to six grandchildren, and even a great-grandmother. I firmly believe that family is the foundation of personal success, as without it, everything else one does becomes open for debate.

Mark Donaldson - Candidate for North Shore

Meet Mark Donaldson, a family man and community leader for almost two decades. Mark has been married to his beautiful wife Nicole for 10 years, they have 3 beautiful children, Madison-Grace, Micayah, and Miami. Mark's passion for helping young people and their families led him to work on the frontline for several years, particularly in the area of supporting young people referred by the police for offending. After seeing the positive impact on so many lives, Mark now oversees a team of ten staff who are doing incredible work with young people. As the Regional Directors for Man Up & Legacy North Shore, Mark and Nicole have been integral in transforming the lives of hundreds of men, women, and families over the last six years. For the past two years, Mark has also been supporting men and their families with Man Up in bail houses, rehab, courts, and prisons. Additionally, Mark is the Regional Coordinator for the Freedom and Rights Coalition on the North Shore, participating in protests and speaking at several events. Mark also ran the local Freedom connect groups, making a significant impact on his community.

"I was never interested in politics but over the last 3 years in particular, I have been so concerned with the state of our nation and what my children have to grow up in. We must get our country back, we must put an end to the stripping away of our freedoms and rights, we must put an end to the sexualisation of our children, we must empower the family. Healthy families are the bedrock of a healthy nation!!"

Roadshow Update

For the next few weeks we take a break from travelling up and down New Zealand.  We visited many towns and cities, meeting many people and answering the questions that important to you. 

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