A politician amongst the people!


I don't serve a party, I serve the people!

I will put hope back in your vote!



Hannah Tamaki is a trailblazer, and a rare breed in politics, as she is honest, transparent, integral and a positive role model to many.


Hannah is known to thousands for her intuitive and caring touch.  Hannah has worked amongst many diverse communities, with people of all ages for over 40+ years, assisting many to positively transform their lives.  Hannah is in touch with the day to day needs and struggles of honest, hardworking everyday Kiwis.


Over the years Hannah has assisted her husband to build a large, successful, history-making movement.  She has demonstrated that she is a dynamic, capable, business-savvy woman who has pioneered many new initiatives across education, business, women’s issues, health and fitness, not-for-profit entities and more.

Faith and family are very important to Hannah. She can lay claim to many achievements, however, she would say her greatest achievement are her three children, ten grandchildren and now two great-grandchildren.  Young men and women who have themselves become great role models, carrying on the baton of giving back to their peers and communities.

Hannah is proud to be surrounded daily by her five generational family, including her elderly parent-in-laws that she cares for in her home.  A woman who can lead and manage a healthy large loving family, keeping them unified and together, is further evidence of a woman who will also lead, manage and unify a healthy nation.

“Politics is that platform where I can be an advocate for those kiwis, like me, who feel strongly that we are role models to those following behind us.  As leaders of our families, communities, and even government we owe it to the next generation to hand them a legacy that is in-tact, to make decisions that add to their future not sabotage it”.  “I believe my values are Kiwi values.  I didn’t choose to be a politician but I do choose to make New Zealand the best country in the world to live and raise a family in.  A country where everybody matters”.

“We are ripe for an overhaul.  It is time to replace intellectual babble with common sense, politics with humble leadership that listens, and for Kiwi’s to get the leadership they deserve”.

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