Daniel Daly - National Director of Young Vision

Daniel is 33 years old and recently married to Ella. He was born and raised in “stunning” Nelson and attended Canterbury where he gained his degree in BEd Tech. Daniel has been teaching for the past 10 years as a Primary/Intermediate teacher.

Daniel comes with extensive experience in the area of youth and youth development, having been employed as a child worker and also as a youth worker for 15 years.Daniel has provided Young Vision with very keen, socially astute leadership, pulling together the various branches of this movement across New Zealand. He is politically savvy and has an understanding of the popular culture, philosophies, and ideologies influencing, and ultimately vying for the minds of the youth of our nation.

“Never before have the youth of this nation been set up to fail as they are at this time. I have an interest in
politics because if we want to see real change in this country, we need to be in the room where it happens. For
the young people of this nation, we need to influence policy to better protect their interests. Young Vision is
the future of politics in this nation, we are an intergenerational force”.

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New Zealand politics needs an overhaul, and you, the voter, deserve better representation. Vision New Zealand is about New Politics, a party and candidates ready to take a fresh approach to represent you at the decision-making table in Wellington. We are New Politics; ‘of the people, for the people and by the people’. So join Vision New Zealand and become an agent of change with us. Let’s get common sense back into politics.

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