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An open letter to Rt. Hon. Chris Hipkins in regards to MP Marama Davidson’s role in the Posie Parker event at Albert Park.


29TH MARCH 2023


To the Right Honourable Chris Hipkins,


Re: Marama Davidson’s role in the Posie Parker event at Albert Park.


Following Posie Parker’s failed speaking engagement at Albert Park in Auckland, Marama Davidson was asked what she thought of the day. On Saturday the 24th of March 2023 Marama stated: “I know who causes violence, it’s white cis men who cause violence in the world”.

Mrs Davidson spoke rashly and has since tried to explain, downplay and dismiss her very racially charged and insensitive comment.

Vision New Zealand do not feel that Ministers should be allowed to hold viewpoints that are so culturally insensitive and inaccurate, let alone express them publicly.

If a Pakeha Minister of the Crown expressed a similar belief that “Maori are the ones who cause violence in the world” there would have been no such protection for that MP. Vision New Zealand maintains that Marama Davidson cannot be allowed to retain her position as Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence.

Her views represent a deep disrespect between both Treaty partners, which is gaining popularity among some New Zealanders.

Debate about gender can be passionate, yet we must exercise restraint when it comes to expressing our views. Our M.Ps conduct are being put on display across the globe and racism in any form must be rejected in order to truly honour Te Tiriti.

Mrs Davidson has also shamed this government by condoning violence, verbal abuse and physical intimidation against a peaceful and legal protest. She has also brought shame on our country’s reputation towards guests by allowing the counter-protesters to violate manaakitanga. It appears that Marama Davidson believes herself above the law and the constraints that govern civil society.

It is the strong view of Vision New Zealand that the Prime Minister cannot permit Coalition Party leaders to bring this level of disrepute upon the New Zealand Government. By lending her support and political legitimacy to the counter-protest, Marama Davidson emboldened members of the public to behave in ways that were undignified, undemocratic and unkind. Her participation as part of the leadership for the counter-protest was seen to encourage and incite the verbal and physical assaults against Posie and her supporters.

Some of Marama Davidson’s other comments strongly imply that she believes that the counter protesters’ unlawful actions were justified because of Posie’s political stance.

If “free speech has consequences”, then we call for Marama Davidson:

  1. To be dismissed as Minister for the Prevention of Family and Sexual Violence.
  2. To give a formal public apology for her tacit support of the violence and intimidation of public manuhiri/visitors and the racially charged comments about “cis white males”.


Yours sincerely,


Hannah Tamaki

Leader of Vision New Zealand

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